Welcome to The Center for Policy Research in American Education

Welcome to our website.

The Center for Policy Research in American Education (CPR)was created to help educate and bolster Americans across the nation in their efforts to protect and enhance quality American public education for all of our nation’s children.

Our work is dedicated to the principle that American students of all backgrounds benefit from learning about the strength and greatness of our American political and economic system. By learning about our system and the enduring values that inform it — such as freedom, justice, individual responsibility, hard work, equal opportunity, and fair play, young people can become the leaders of an American tomorrow that will remain a bastion of liberty.

It is our hope that concerned citizens will view this website as a helpful resource and clearinghouse for the exchange of information, and that its use will empower them to stand up to ongoing efforts to de-emphasize the teaching of American culture and values throughout the United States. Our research is national, state and local in scope, and we believe that it is particularly at the local level that parents of this country can benefit from this information in their efforts to preserve quality public education.

We invite you to contact us at with information and with questions. We hope to provide educational, research and policy information, as well as useful resources to help you make a difference.


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